MacOS DEP enrolment with Intune – Part 3 (Change Display Name)

To carry on from the previous two blog posts you’ll find here and here we have a MacOS device enrolled into Intune, and a configuration baseline has been applied.

We then go and enrol our second device to complete testing new policies, validate application installations, along with any further system testing. You look in the Intune portal and you have multiple devices with a naming convention in my case of: Steven’s MacBook Air, and subsequent devices will have (2) etc appending to the end.

So the question comes back to how do I change this, well lets start at the “System Preferences” application where we are presented with this UI:

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 6.38.00 pm.png

With my Windows thinking I gravitated to the General icon, as the thinking is the computer name would be a general setting, no joy lets look some where else, next off was “Security & Privacy” as one could argue that it’s a Security setting, again no joy here. Finally I fired up my favourite search engine to figure it out, the answer came back that I needed to select Sharing which i was a little surprised by, but can see the logic as it’s the network name for the device.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 6.45.01 pm.png

You can see i have changed the computer name to Bob. This will appear in the Intune portal the next time the computer sync’s, you can force this if you want from the Intune portal.

Good Luck

Steven Hosking

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