Building a MacOS virtual Machine

Recently I’ve been working with using Apple Mac’s and Intune together, coming from the Microsoft world I’ve been using VM’s for over a decade. There has been a couple of times where I needed to have a Mac Virtual machines for documentation, and testing purposes.

Previous to owning a Mac I’ve attempted multiple times to use MacOS on ESX, Hyper-V VMware Workstation, each of them have always “worked” but always had an issue which would result in a less than ideal experience. With the purchase of my first MacBook Air I started playing around with VMware Fusion, and Parallels Desktop Lite, both of which appear to be quite functional. In the end I decided to invest in VMware Fusion for the ability to be able to define a custom serial number for the VM to facilitate testing of DEP solutions.

I’ve completed a screen capture of the process of creating a VM in VMware Fusion, it’s important to note that you MUST restart your Mac after installing the VMware Fusion software, but before creating your first VM. I call this out as VMware doesn’t during the installation process.

Note: I have removed parts of the video to speed it up, the process on my MacBook Air takes around 40 minutes to run end to end.

Good Luck